About Me

Me, pregnant with my first daughter

I am…

… a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister.

… a trained labor doula, a certified yoga instructor, a trained placenta encapsulator, a stay-at-home-mom, and a marketing professional.

… a person who desires to use her knowledge and experience to help women transition into mothers in the most positive, empowered, and peaceful way possible.

Why did I become a doula?

After the birth of my own daughter I felt a strong calling. For the first time I felt that my life had direction and purpose. The moment my daughter was born was the greatest moment of my life, and the birth experience that my husband and I shared was wonderful, but the most difficult and challenging thing I have ever done.

Throughout my pregnancy I read every pregnancy book I could get my hands on and I attended all of the classes. Then when the big moment came, even though I felt that I knew everything I needed to, I was still filled with doubt, fear and questions. Nothing went quite as I expected. My labor nurse was amazing, but she wasn’t there throughout the entire labor and birth. That’s where I would have loved to have a doula.

From my own experience I decided that I would love to help other women and their partners have the best birthing experience possible. After attending my first births, I was amazed at the process, and decided that I wanted to help other mothers enjoy their labors confidently and with as little intervention as possible. With every birth I attend, I gain more knowledge and am more amazed by the beautiful, empowering birth process, and by the utter strength that each woman discovers within.

It is my goal to ensure that every woman I assist remembers the birth of her baby with positive and loving memories. That she feels that she is informed, comfortable, and that she knows that her baby’s birth is exactly as it should be.


What does Namasté mean?

Namasté is a Hindi salutation or greeting, a combination of the two Sanskrit words: nama, and te. Basically, nama means “to bow” and te means “you.” It means “the divinity in me recognizes and honors the divinity in you.” Namasté, when performed as an action, is when hands are in prayer position at heart center, and you bow to the person you are greeting. It is a humbling gesture performed in recognition that we are all on equal standings, all of us are children of light and divinity. We are one.


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