“Nikki was an extraordinary doula. She knew instinctively how to be supportive yet was an excellent listener and was able to take direction perfectly and most importantly respected my birth plan. Her personality fits well with most people because of her easy-going nature and ability to be comfortable thus making you feel comfortable around her. Going into my birth, I felt confidence with Nikki, my husband, and 2 midwives to support me. That confidence is an important aspect to the birthing process. My birth was rather quick, 4 hours from my water breaking, but Nikki was able to help my 6 yr old feel included while still providing support to my husband and me. I felt very fortunate to have Nikki as my doula because I had a difficult home birth with shoulder dysplexia where my daughter’s shoulder got caught up on my pelvic bone. Leading up to it, I required great strength of pressure on my lower back during active labor while I contracted and pushed and Nikki was able to provide that strength of pressure perfectly even though she was in the difficult position of leaning into a birth pool and was 4 months pregnant at the time. The pressure she gave me on my back was not the usual pressure most moms required but I explained what was needed for relief and she improvised like an expert. She seriously was a superhero. Once my baby was born, we encountered difficulty with her breathing for the first 5-10 minutes and Nikki consciously let my midwife handle the emergency while keeping my 6 year old calm & distracted, but present, through the ordeal. Her calm demeanor, which I’m sure was difficult to maintain during such an intense birth while being pregnant herself, was very comforting and allowed for continued calmness from all involved during an emergency. Per my request to not be transported, my midwife was able to revive my newborn with no negative consequence to the delayed breathing. Something else that was unique & special to Nikki that my family and I whole-heartedly appreciated was that she just took initiative in taking care of things without direction. After the birth, she helped sooth my tense muscles with massage therapy, my kitchen was clean, I was fed, my 6 yr old never felt left out or in the way, Nikki helped her shoot photos throughout the birth, my living room was all cleaned up despite all the blood and moving around from the birthing pool to the couch during birth, so many little things were taken care of and I was just exhausted from birthing and couldn’t focus on any of it. I was freed to rest and enjoy the first precious moments with my newborn. Nikki’s support made an impactful difference to the overall result of my birthing process and highly recommend her. My daughter, now 20months old, is running around quite healthy and just learned to say her alphabet. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.” – Vy and Tyler, daughter born August, 2014

“I would highly recommend working with Nikki. She is so passionate about creating beautiful pre-birth and birthing experiences for moms and has so much to offer! At a time where we as women need to truly connect with our bodies, our babies and ourselves, Nikki is a fantastic resource!” -Heather P., San Antonio


“Nikki is truly a gift to the doula profession.  I’m fortunate to have had her as my support person.  I was drawn to Nikki’s easy going personality.  She’s professional, very knowledgable about her field, and more importantly a genuinely caring person.  I felt a connection with her upon our meeting for the first time. As I got to know more about her background and observed her calm and confident demeanor, I knew she was the right fit for me.  It was a relief to find “my doula” finally.

As my due date drew closer, she reassured me that she would be there for me and welcomed any concerns I had about my birth plan.

Throughout my pregnancy I had a relatively normal, low-risk pregnancy; however, at the 41-week mark when I went into labor, things took an unexpected turn and became slightly complicated.  I endured a difficult 42-hour labor, but with Nikki there for the latter hours, she was fully dedicated to providing me with relief.  She got along well with all of the hospital staff and family members.  What made a lasting impression on me was her ability to hold my gaze without fail with a peaceful expression that made me feel safe.  I would hire Nikki again given the chance.   She will go the extra mile for the mamas.”  — Evergreen, son born July, 2014

“I highly recommend Nikki.  She was the doula for my third child.  I needed an epidural with the first two kids and really wanted to try and go natural for number 3.  Nikki was a great support – she met with me a couple of times beforehand to discuss breathing techniques, music, focal points, props etc, then came to my house and the hospital to support my labor.  Along with my husband and a fantastic delivery nurse at El Camino, Nikki helped me to manage the pain and I delivered a healthy little girl with no medication required.” — Emma, daughter born March, 2013

“I had been unsure about whether I would need or want a doula, but went ahead and made a last minute decision to interview and work with Nikki.  My husband and I are incredibly glad that she was there!

I had been hoping for a birth without any medical intervention, or at least as little as necessary.  I knew other women had given birth without an epidural in the past, but I truthfully wasn’t sure I would get through the labor without wanting one.  I wanted to feel the labor — at least at first — so I could get the full experience, but I figured once I felt the pain I would probably ask for an epidural once I felt the intensity of the contractions.  So that was my thinking…

When I met with Nikki a few weeks before my due date, she really helped me prepare for my labor.  (My husband was serving in Afghanistan at the time, so I was really relying on Nikki to help support me should he not be home in time for the birth since he was expected home only five days before our due date.)  Nikki and I walked through my birth plan and this helped me feel less overwhelmed.  She had a lot of great information and was able to explain several things about the process.  By the end of our meeting I was already grateful to be working with her.

Having Nikki in the room during active labor was definitely the right thing for me.  I had my husband and best friend with me as well, but Nikki knew what we had talked about in our meeting — she knew the right things to say to help me work through each contraction (even reminding me to breathe like Darth Vader!).  She provided support when I needed it, reminded me of things we had discussed that I had totally blanked on during the labor, and perhaps most importantly took a load off my husband’s shoulders. He was extremely grateful that Nikki was there as well because it enabled him to be my loving support while Nikki could help with the labor support.  She was able to answer my husband’s questions and serve as a buffer between him and the nurses, which he was also grateful for. I made it through the labor without an epidural or any other pain meds — just an IV and oxygen!” Both my husband and I highly recommend Nikki. — Kim, daughter born April, 2013.






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