What Do I Do?

istockphoto_15221629-joys-of-motherhood1.jpgBy “mothering the mother,” I specialize in guiding women on their journey to birth their babies and transition into motherhood. By providing relaxation techniques including breathing exercises, labor position changes, massage, visualization, yoga poses, and other comfort measures, I strive to make your birth as peaceful and beautiful as possible. I am there to serve you and your birth partner so that you may birth your baby with the confidence and security that you need in order to enjoy your birth experience to its fullest extent, without having to worry that your birth plan is honored. I hope to show you that you have the strength, power, and endurance to enjoy an amazing birth experience, and that you will look back on your baby’s birthday with fond, warm, and beautiful feelings.

I am also able to provide private or semi-private prenatal yoga classes as well as placenta encapsulation services. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing these services.

I am new to Texas and am eager to serve mothers all over the San Antonio metropolitan area.



2 thoughts on “What Do I Do?

  1. Hi! I am interested in more information on placenta encapsulation. I am currently 5 months pregnant, due May 29.
    Thank you,

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